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All about CIO magazine

Technology and business go hand in hand. Information technology news is important to chief information officers as well as chief technical officers. There are numerous magazines and websites that offer information related to business and IT. However, the CIO magazine has retained its number one position since years. Read further to know more about this business and IT magazine, which also has information on project management.

About CIO

The CIO Media is a business unit of International Data Group (IDG). It has five major publications: - - CIO magazine - CIO Executive Programs - CIO Custom Solutions Group - CIO Executive Council Origin Established in the year 1987, CIO magazine and other sister publications mentioned above offer insight and analysis in IT trends to business analysts, CEO’s and CTO’s.
Awards Having been awarded with more than 100 awards, CIO magazine has played an important role in shaping IT businesses across the world. Website The CIO insight magazine, also available at offers a host of information such as information technology news and technology RSS Feeds. Sections The magazine has sections such as IT management, trends, careers, research, expert voices, case studies, blogs, whitepapers and webcasts.


You do not have to worry if you have missed a copy of the magazine published a month back. You can access all issues of the magazine at This allows you to read news and trends of the previous months online.

Blogs, case studies and whitepapers

These sections are most important for technology officers and CEO’s. The IT papers and reviews of technology products help IT businesses to take the right buying decisions. Whitepaper search The whitepaper search engine of CIO Insight allows you to search a paper based on the topic, name of company, and even its name.
How-To section In-depth case studies and how-to articles on technology and management are available under the How-To section of the magazine. Here, you can also watch videos on latest technologies and offerings. Job search
Job search is a hassle for most people looking for a job in the IT domain. However, CIO offers a quick and simple way to find IT jobs. The IT job search of CIO allows you to find a job based on its keywords and location.
A final word You can follow CIO on twitter, facebook and linkedin. You can even get latest news and information from CIO on your mobile phone.

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