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All about: Cisco careers

Cisco offers a number of degrees that represent an individual's degree of proficiency and competency on network management. These degrees are further divided into different categories which are broken down into various proficiency levels. Read this article to find more about Cisco.

Levels of proficiency and knowledge

Individuals who possess upper-level certifications naturally get higher salaries, but the processes involved to reach the highest levels of Cisco training certification can be quite challenging and difficult. Cisco breaks down its different levels of certification into four. These levels of certification generally have to be achieved one after the other in order to attain the highest certification levels. Associate Associate certification is regarded as the entry level certification offered by Cisco and it is where most individuals will start their Cisco professional path. The company encourages people who are taking this certification level to regard it as just a springboard for higher certification levels. This is the Cisco learning certification level that you would typically pursue if you don't have a lot of networking experience and if you are looking to put your foot in the door. Professional This certification level qualifies you as someone who has enough competencies to work on networks and is the next level following the associate certification level. The testing involved to reach professional certification can be quite challenging and individuals who are able to hurdle it would most certainly possess the skills necessary to troubleshoot common networking issues or problems. Cisco certified professionals can find work as network administrators in medium-sized networks and most large-sized networks. Expert The expert level of certification is the second to the highest Cisco career certification. Individuals who possess this type of Cisco certification would have no problem making six-figure incomes. Cisco Certified Architect Cisco Certified Architect is the highest accreditation level that you can possibly achieve within the Cisco career certification program. Individuals who possess this certification are generally able to effectively translate business objectives and parameters into functional infrastructure requirements.


Cisco divides its certification system into seven various paths. Individuals can freely choose to pursue any path that they feel would best match their interests. The seven different paths are the following: 1) Design
2) Network security
3) Routing and switching
4) Service provider
5) Storage networking
6) Voice
7) Wireless

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