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All about: Co-operative Insurance

Co-operative Insurance is a UK-based insurance company. Founded in 1867 in Manchester, the C-operative has widely expanded its services to include banking, and investments as well as insurance products. To find out more about the Co-operative, read this article.

An overview of the Cooperative Insurance Company

The Co-operative Insurance Company (CIS) has a long and varied history. It began in 1867 with the aim of providing fire insurance to other co-operative societies. Over the years, it expanded its serves to banking and investments, as well. In 2009, the Co-operative merged with Britannia (formerly Britannia Building Society). The merger meant that the new company would have in excess of £70 billion in assets, nine million customers, 300 branches and 20 corporate banking centres.

Financial offerings

The range of CIS products is so vast that it is not possible to comprehensibly outline them. The details below provide a brief outline of core services followed by highlights of the services offered in each particular subsection. Banking services · Current Accounts
· Savings Accounts
· Mortgages
· Loans
· Credit Cards
· Offshore banking
· Credit Cards Banking highlights CSI savings accounts:
i) ISA (Individual Savings Account) - These accounts allow the customer to invest in stocks and shares. ii) Smart Saver - Pays interest on balances on all accounts. iii) Three-year fixed term deposit - This pays 4.0%AER on deposits from £2000 upwards. iv) Childrens Savings Account - Allows customers to deposit money into a
long-term savings account for their children. Insurance · Car Insurance
· Break down cover
· House Insurance
· Pet insurance
· Life and health insurance
· Business insurance
· Commercial vehicle insurance Insurance highlights CIS car insurance - CIS was awarded the Best Online Motor Provider 2010, by Your Money magazine. · Most people save up to £85 on their insurance (01.04.11 to 30.04.2011).
· Add comprehensive insurance for an additional £60.
· Guaranteed online discount.
· Courtesy car free of charge. Investments · ISA
· Unit Trust
· Investment Bond
· Platinum Bond Plus
· Pensions Investment highlights Pensions: i) Individual Personal Pension - Allows an individual to make payments into their own pension. ii) Individual Stakeholder Pension - Allows an individual to make larger payments and flexible payments so as to retire early. iii) Company Stakeholder Pension - Where five or more employees wish to go onto the stakeholder pension. Business and corporate CIS supplies an enormous array of business and corporate series. Most notably CIS online provides the following business services: · High level of online security
· Online statements facility
· Cheque management facility
· UK payments facility
· International payments facility

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