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All about: ICICI bank online

ICICI bank is India's second-biggest bank, with assets worth $91 billion. ICICI bank offers a wide range of business and financial services and prides itself on its online banking offer. This article provides an overview of the ICICI bank and its online services.

An overview of ICIC bank

ICICI bank is India's second largest bank with a profit after tax of $1,155 million(seen as of march 2011. The bank has a network of 2,533 branches and 6,401 ATMs as well as a financial presence in 19 countries.

An introduction to ICICI online offer

Three easy steps to go online 1. Access Internet banking: Obtain a user ID and a password, these are provided in an Internet Banking Welcome Kit.
2. Create a unique user ID: This can be created online by the users on their first time use of the system.
3. Link an account number to ID Account: This can easily be linked once that the user is online on the system.
Advantages of online banking 1. Register and pay bills online.
2. Transfer funds instantly.
3. Prepaid mobile recharge.
4. Book rail and air tickets online.
5. Receive ICICI Internet Banking offers on a regular basis.
6. Free personal finance tools.

Financial services available online

ICICI banking provides a wide range of online banking services which are applied for online. These are accounts which can be applied for easily online: · Internet Banking password.
· Savings accounts.
· Money Manager (free 90-day trial).
· Receive funds.
· 3-in-1 account (Savings, Demat and Trading).
· Fixed deposit.
· Loans (car, home, personal etc.).
· Buy online
· Forex.
· Mutual funds.
· Gold.
· Life Insurance.
· Travel insurance.
· Health insurance.
· Car insurance.
· Car protection plan.
· View/Pay online
· View credit card e-statement.
· View loan IT certificate.
· Personal finance tools.
· Online tax payment.
· Click to pay (Car/loan payment from other bank account).
· Quick bill pay (20 billers).
· Online recharge (DTH, prepaid phone).
· Download iMobile. NRI banking Non-resident Indians (NRI's) frequently want to either transfer money back home or to keep control of bills and expenses at home, while they are living abroad. Specifically, the online benefits of NRI banking are: · Money transfer.
· Bank account management.
· Investments.
· Home loans.
· Insurance. NRI special facilities NRI online banking also comes with these special account facilities: · NRI edge: This is a premium NRI account with exclusive privileges.
· Rupee Plus Plan: A high yield plan with fixed returns in rupees.
· Seafarer's account: NRI's savings account for seafarers.
· Student's accounts: NRI student account.

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