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All about: Jack Daniels collectables

Jasper Newton Daniel was born in Lynchburg, Tennessee in 1846 and created one of the most famous brands of all time within his lifetime. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is instantly recognisable, whether it is in the form of a bottle on a shelf, a poster, or a pack of playing cards. The article below details out everything that you should know about Jack Daniels collectables.

A piece of history

One hundred years after his death, millions of people around the world are still enjoying the world famous whiskey from Lynchburg, Tennessee, to the point where it has been the world’s best-selling whiskey since November 2007. However, it isn’t just in the sour mash bourbon stakes that Jack has a lasting legacy. The merchandise for the brand is now one of the world’s biggest sellers. They represent a go-to product in the ‘cool gifts for men’ sections of department stores and websites are buzzing with limited edition items that sell by the million.

Growth in popularity

Glasses, key rings, hip flasks and mugs indented with the famous Jack Daniel’s moniker are huge sellers both in stores and online UK gift stores, along with football gift ideas such as towels and sports clothing. There doesn’t seem to be an end to the quality items that become emblazoned with Jack Daniel’s name. From antiques to common items An internet search of Jack Daniel’s merchandise or collectables will soon see your computer screen overflowing with item results from rarities like an original Jack Daniel’s decanter to an entire Jack Daniel’s set, including poker sets and glass collections. In 2000, Jack Daniel’s released a ‘150th Birthday’ range, including beautiful gift boxes containing a litre bottle and four shot glasses and specially designed bottles with the dates ‘1850 to 2000’ written on them. These are now limited edition items. In the smaller price range, posters, T-shirts and hats are incredibly popular and affordable.

"One More Drink, Please!"

So, if you’re struggling to buy a man a birthday or Christmas present, you can find almost anything under the name of the legendary Jack Daniel’s. The only problem you will face will be deciding on which Jack Daniel’s merchandise to purchase out of the thousands on offer. When Jack Daniel died from blood poisoning in 1911 at the age of 65, his final words were: “One more drink, please.” It now appears inconceivable that the phrase could ever be used in relation to the brand again.

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