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All about Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd

Looking for a credible and trusted company that provides almost every medical manufacture that you need is just like looking in a kaleidoscope. The 21st century has produced more than a good number of medical companies, but not all can be trusted to provide quality products. A company that has lived for more than a century is Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited.

Brief history

In 1886, three Johnson brothers found Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, New Jersey. They started by publishing a textbook about sterile wound treatment that influenced sterile surgery in the US. In two years, they pioneered the first ever manufactured first aid kits and the first first aid manual. Then, they continued releasing other products like maternity kits that include sanitary napkins, dental care floss, band aids and bandages, shampoos, and many other medical products. The emergence of their products is the result of social events and occurrences such as natural calamities during their time.

Johnson and Johnson all over the globe

Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited is a worldwide known company that offers a variety of products and services related to the health sector. They care for the world by introducing innovative ideas and products from science and researches. The company’s goal is the provision of advanced health and wellness to the world’s population. Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited is one of the world’s top medical product manufacturer and has proven its abilities in biologic. The company operates in more than 50 countries around the globe, from first world to third world nations. Johnson and Johnson jobs are taken by approximately 115,000 employees in more than 250 subsidiary companies.

In the UK

The Johnson and Johnson UK manufactures products in the same way that the original Johnson and Johnson New Jersey does. Hence, it proves that Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited develops, manufactures, and markets medical products and technologies with a touch of quality.


Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited creates, promotes, and sells various medical devices. From vision care including various disposable lenses and contact lens to different surgical products and technologies including wound care closure and skin care products, Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited has been expanding its hands to help the health care of many people every day.

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