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All about: King Edward medical college

The Asian continent has a renowned history of medical success and it has grown to be a hub of medical tourism. It has some of the most ancient and advanced hospitals in the world hence, it appeals to many patients and medical students from all over the globe, including a huge student number from the United Kingdom. One such medical institution is the King Edward Medical College.

The history of King Edward Medical College (KEMU)

KEMU is a government medical college established in the1860s. It has been reported to be the second oldest medical college in the southern parts of Asia. This college started off as a hospital but then, incorporated the academic aspect. Later, the college changed its name after getting a charter and became King Edward Medical University, the name it still bears today.


For one to be admitted at KEMU, he must be among the best students in the Punjab Province. One has to do an entry test so as to be accepted. Admissions are usually done once annually in July. Qualifications for international students’ admission are gauged against equivalents to Punjab’s Higher Secondary School Certificate.

Programmes offered at KEMU

KEMU has both undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. Under the undergraduate category, there are two degree courses which are the Bachelor of Science and the main undergraduate course is the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. It also offers a wide range of diploma courses in medical-related fields. In the postgraduate cluster, the school offers courses in Master of Science, Dental surgery, surgery and Doctor of medicine. The postgraduate studies take an average of four years to be completed. Faculties and departments
The college has grown to have over 19 departments including ENT, cardiology, radiology, neurosurgery, dermatology, and paediatrics among others. The college also has a well-coordinated and efficient emergency and accident centre.

Affiliated institutions and activities

Over the years, KEMU has formed affiliations with a number of other medical colleges and hospitals. Among them include the Mayo hospital, the School of Nursing-Pakistan and Ladies Aitchision and Willington hospitals. Research at KEMU

Being a medical institution, there is a lot of medical research at KEMU. Grants are available on application for students who are willing to undertake research projects. The well-equipped and updated medical library have helped students with their medical projects. Alumni of KEMU

After one has finished the curriculum in KEMU, it is possible to join the alumni network. One can do so by registering at their site. The association of alumni is involved in many academic and social projects aimed at improving the delivery of services at KEMU.

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