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All about: Lincoln Plaza Cinema

This short article gives the reader more information about the Lincoln Plaza Cinema, also known as part of the Lincoln cinemas or plaza cinemas group. It gives special reference to general information about the cinema, directions and access and where to get more information.

General information

Overview The Lincoln Plaza Cinema, also known as the Lincoln Center Theater, is a popular film-screening location in Broadway, New York City, USA. The cinema has been in operation since 1981, and has screened films by such influential directors and film-makers, as Federico Fellini, Eric Rohmer, Jean-Luc Godard, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Robert Altman, Krzysztof Kieslowski, and Woody Allen, and many many more. The cinema has been the location of film screenings, by internationally renowned directors for decades. Availability of information on upcoming projects Lincoln Cinema comments that it is very exciting to receive new films from cutting-edge new film directors. On its website, it gives information for upcoming projects, Red Sorghum, the first film of Zhang Yimou, My Life As A Dog by Lasse Hallstrom, Yaaba by Idrissa Ouedraogo, Toto The Hero by Jaco Van Dormael, 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould by Francis Girard, Gabbeh by Mohsen Makhmalbaf and more recently, The Dreamlife of Angels by Erick Zonca. Support for new film directors The cinema prides itself on nurturing new film directors, and providing a home for films that might not be given the chance to be shown elsewhere. For example, the film Wim Wenders's "The Buena Vista Social Club" ran for 26 weeks. Such a film may not have gotten its recognition, and general public awareness without this. Traditional house set-up The cinema is also very positive about its traditional film house set-up. For example, in the intermission, it plays music and serves food, which ranges from smoked salmon and Polish ham sandwiches to low fat apple muffins.

Getting there and contact information

Getting there: The theatre is located at 1886 Broadway, in the Lincoln Centre area between 62nd and 63rd Streets and Broadway. Subways are #1, 59th St. or 66th St. exit, A, B, C, or D line 59th St. (Columbus Circle). You can also access the cinema by buses: #10 - Central Park West & 65th Street (Uptown) and 62nd & Broadway (Downtown) #104, #7 - Broadway & 65th Street (Uptown & Downtown) Contact information:
Address: 1886 Broadway New York, NY 10023 The Box Office opens 20 minutes, before the first show. For show times, you can call 212 757-2280 Customer service information: (212) 757-0359

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