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All about: Malaysia holidays

Malaysia is a country of two personalities, clearly defined and divided by the South China Sea. Each area has its attractions for tourists, from the dense, wild, jungles in Malaysian Borneo, to the exotic mix of flavours, that contribute to the outstanding food on Peninsular Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of different nationalities, and cultures, and exemplifies Malaysian lifestyle. Towering skyscrapers
Towering skyscrapers to rival those state, side-mix with counterfeit stalls selling DVDs and fake designer watches. You can fly in to Kuala Lumpa International airport, and experience all that, this great capital has to offer, before you travel Malaysia.

Types of Malaysian holiday

Plan and sense of adventure
To tour Malaysia, all you need is a plan and a sense of adventure. The plan isn’t actually even that necessary, and often detracts from the spontaneity that many travelers are looking for.
Malaysian packages Malaysian packages may be great ways to see many sights at an affordable rate. However, to really get beneath the skin of the country, and experience the true Malaysia, you can visit it during one of the many festivals.

Festival time

Wesak Day Wesak Day is more affectionately known as “Buddha’s Birthday”, and is celebrated by Buddhists all over Asia. The dates differ depending on the country, but the festivities are recommended to take place, during the day of May’s full moon. The theme for the commemoration The theme for the commemoration is the same for the world, over the birth, enlightenment, and passing away of Buddha. Assembly of Buddhists Traditionally, Buddhists assemble before dawn, offering gifts of candles, incense or flowers. These represent the fragility, and decay within life. Candle procession Just one of the Malaysian public holidays, it ends with a candle procession. Monks can be heard chanting sutras, dressed in saffron robes. Hari Raya Hari Raya is another public holiday in Malaysia. It translates as “day of celebration”, and is a Muslim holiday, marking the end of Ramadan. It is a festive time to visit throughout Malaysia, but you will need to be careful as it can get very busy.


The wild side of Malaysia
Alternatively, you can take a trip on the wild side, and delve into the jungles of Borneo. The oldest rain-forests in the world, this corner of the globe demands respect, and hiring a guide is a necessity. Nature lovers will be spoilt for choice. Animals
A few of the animals you may catch a glimpse of, include the endangered Bornean Orang-utan, Asian Elephant or Dayak Fruit Bat.

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