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All about: Reed Accountancy

Are you searching for a job? Since it is definitely not an easy task, it would be better to have an expert by your side who can help you find the ideal job. Read the following article and find out about Reed Accountancy, a website that collects job vacancies from an impressive number of other recruiting sites (a little less than ten thousand sites) and categorises them.

How to use the Reed Accountancy website

Website Searching for the ideal job across the Reed Accountancy website is very easy. Visit the official website of Reed Accountancy at and start using the Reed Accountancy’s search tool that you will find at the left side of the Reed’s home page.
Search tool Reed’s search tool offers you the option of entering one or more keywords, hit the ‘Search jobs’ button and wait for the results.
Search by job sector As an alternative, you can select the job sector that you are interested in, between a vast variety of options, including accountancy jobs, banking, engineering, human resources, general insurance, health and medicine, leisure and tourism, manufacturing, public sector, retail, security and safety, social care, transport and logistics, financial jobs etc. Search by place Search by place If you are not interested in a specific job sector. You can enter your place of residence or your zip code and Reed Accountancy will display all jobs available within the distance you wish. Reed Accountancy also offers you the option to select the place you want from a UK map. Search by salary On the other hand, if financial issues are your priority, you can search your ideal job by entering the minimum and maximum desired salary.
Search by job type
Finally, you can find the job you want by choosing the job type you prefer among permanent, temporary, contract or part-time jobs.

Sign up benefits

Reed Accountancy can offer you many benefits if you just sign up.
Signing up Signing up is a very easy and quick procedure. You just have to visit the official web site of Reed Accountancy, click on ‘Register’ and fill in your personal details. Recommended jobs Reeds Accountancy can show you the latest jobs that match your preferences or your search criteria every time you visit the website.
Saved jobs alert Reeds Accountancy can send you an alert for every new job matching your criteria.
Applications management You can benefit from Reed Accountancy’s applications management and keep track of the job applications you make.

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