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All about: St Vincent's hospital

Founded in 1934, St Vincent's University Hospital is one of the top hospitals in Ireland boasting over forty speciality services, and numerous research efforts.

About St. Vincents

According to their website, St, St Vincent's University Hospital was founded by Mother Mary Aikenhead who was the founder of the Religious Sisters of Charity in 1834. Location
The hospital transferred to its present location in Elm Park, south of the city of Dublin, Ireland in 1970. Services
St Vincent's University Hospital is a major academic teaching hospital providing emergency services, as well as national and regional inpatient and outpatient medical care. Many patients from regional hospitals are referred to St Vincent's for specialist treatment.
The state funded hospital also serves as a training ground for doctors, nurses, radiographers, physiotherapists, medical social workers, occupational therapists, speech therapists and dietitians. Philosophy
Education and Research are the major components of St Vincent's Philosophy. Its Research Centre features groups such as the Breast Cancer Group, Colon Cancer Group, Dermatology Group, Liver Research Group, Mental Health Group, Neurology Group, Obesity Group and Respiratory Group among others. St Vincent's Private Hospital
St Vincent's Private Hospital was established by the Religious Sisters of Charity in 1974 and is located beside St Vincent's University Hospital.
It plays a significant role in the Irish hospital sector. The hospital contains 236 inpatient beds, 32 general and 22 oncology day care beds and 12 consulting suites.
The hospital offers numerous services including Breast Surgery, Cardiology, Dermatology, Radiotherapy, Urology, Gynaecology, Pain Management, Plastic Surgery, Respiratory Medicine and Vascular Surgery among others. The private hospital was awarded the Joint Commission International Accreditation in September 2009. The hospital is part of the St. Vincent's Healthcare Group Limited (SVHG) which comprises St Vincent's University Hospital, St. Michael's Hospital and St. Vincent's Private Hospital. St. Vincent's is one of the biggest public teaching universities in Ireland and received around 219 million Euros in funding from the Health Service Executive (HSE).

Other information

Final word
Affiliated to University College, Dublin, St Vincent's has about forty medical specialities, 479 inpatient beds, Visitors are prohibited from smoking on the premises, and patient and staff are discouraged and only allowed to do so at specific times in designated areas. The Sidney Parade railway station is a ten-minute walk away from the hospital. It should be noted that St Vincent is not a public hospital.

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