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All about: The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb

Tourists find many things to do in Sydney, but the Harbour Bridge climb may be the most exciting. Climb above a roadway busy with traffic and trains, and view the vista of the world's most beautiful harbour. This article details all about The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This is the iconic arched iron bridge that links the south and north shores of Sydney Harbour, and was opened in 1932. The bridge carries two railway lines operating regular services, the footpath for pedestrians, eight lanes of motor traffic and a cycleway. Motorists pay to cross the bridge, being automatically charged through the Sydney Harbour Bridge electronic toll system. Where to find the climb Access to the climb and the Sydney Bridge walk is via the tower at one end of the bridge at Miller's Point, in the Rocks area of Sydney Harbour, near Circular Quay.

Types of Sydney bridge climb

The main climb takes participants above the busy road and railway towards the peak of the arch one hundred and thirty four metres above water level. This tourist option is suitable only for people who have good mobility and physical stamina. There are three types of climb available, in small groups of nomore than fourteen participants. The discovery climb Climbers ascend the inner line of the bridge and view its internal structure, then ascend a staircase to a platform at the summit. This option takes three and a half hours. The express climb This takes two and a quarter hours for an ascent through the inner arch, assisted by extra team members. The bridge climb This climb ascends the exterior structure on the eastern edge of the bridge. This adventurous climb lasts three and a half hours.

Safety on the Sydney bridge climb

1) Climbers are advised to wear shoes with rubbery soles and a good grip.
2) Mandatory jumpsuits and other safe clothing are provided by the organisers.
3) These are attached to the bridge structure by safety lines to avoid tragedies.
4) No personal possessions, such as phones and cameras may be taken on the climb. Electrical storms or exceptionally high winds will cause cancellation. However, 98 % of tours do go ahead.

Special bridge climb experiences

BridgClimb is the company that organises Sydney Harbour Bridge climbs. They operate climbs from dawn until dusk, but on special occasions they offer the twilight climb and the night climb, for a particularly memorable experience.

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