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All about car inspections

Car inspections are critical for your personal safety, for the safety of the passengers driving with you and also for that of all the other drivers or road users. There are many vehicle inspection services where you can have a used car check performed to make sure you will be driving a safe car. This article provides you with a guide to car inspections.

The walk-around vehicle check

This is the first vehicle inspection to undergo when you wish to buy a used car. It gives you a fair idea of the car’s overall status. Things that you should check include: - Body and paint condition or body work – changes in colour shades, scratches, chips, rust, etc. - Tyre and wheel condition

The motor vehicle inspection

For used motor vehicles in particular, it is a good idea to go to a specialised shop that can check the car properly for you and locate: -Used car history as far as service is concerned -Vehicle inspection forms

The safety inspection

This is probably the most important of the steps that you are going to take as it is all about your safety and the safety of others. You need to go to one of the vehicle inspection services and check the following: - Vehicle emissions testing - RAC inspection - Overall mechanical checks - Used car inspection and vehicle inspection report

Interior vehicle inspection

The interior of a used car may be damaged to a great deal depending on how old the car is. But there are many used cars which have been properly taken care of and which look impeccable. This check is going to reveal whether it is a right decision to buy the car or not.

Test drive

Car tests may help you with your decision in an objective manner. However, your decision will depend on how you feel when you are driving the car. After a few miles, you should know whether this is the car that you have been looking for or not. It is important to pay attention to unusual noises, braking and acceleration.

Car research

This is the last step in your quest for the right used car. Here, you need to look into the market and check out other similar cars. If you still decide to opt for that particular car, make sure that you check out the car for any past problems such as theft or accidents. Check car registration in particular.

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