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All about clip on headphones

Are clip on headphones worth trying out? Find out the pros and cons of using clip on headphones.

The pros of having a clip on headphone

If you have clip on headphones, they are better than having sports headphones because they are more comfortable. For example, a clip on headphone does not have the inconvenient neckband which most headphones have. It is very comfortable because of the padding, so this is a huge advantage over the normal earphones. While an earphone may get tiring or your ears may hurt after hours of listening, you will not experience the same issue with the clip on headphones. Can be easily stored Clip earphones are also useful because they are extremely portable. While the neckband in most headphones do not allow you to store them easily, you can stuff these headphones in your pocket, bag, or anywhere you want to with ease. Cheap Lastly, these headphones are relatively cheap. While you can buy expensive ones, there are plenty of cheap ones which will not break the bank. In addition, these are still used today, so you will not have a hard time finding a supply of them.

The cons of having a clip on headphone

There a few problems people do not noticeThey leak sound with a clip on headphone until they purchase it. Fall easily 1. These fall of very easily. While they are a lot more comfortable than sports earphones, they easily fall off. So, do not go jogging with them. If your main intentions were to go jogging or running, you should not stick with these clip on headphones. Weak connection 2. They tend to have a very weak connection on the earpiece. The earpiece which wraps around your ear breaks easily. So, you must treat it with ease or else, the piece will snap. Besides, if you drop the unit, you will see that the piece is very weak and will break because of anything. They leak sound 3. If you were planning to use this in public, you may want to consider the amount of sound leaking from this unit. You want to be respectful to others. So, you do not want to get these type of headphones if you are going to use them in public.

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