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All about crime

We are all affected by crime. Crime is everywhere we look, everywhere we go, and even when we turn on the television we see shows and movies about crime. Wanting to live in a crime free society may be a little unrealistic, but becoming knowledgeable about crimes and the various kinds of crimes being committed will help us become more diligent in trying to prevent crimes in our community.

What is crime?

A crime is any act committed by a person that violates the law, and having the end result lead to punishment. A crime can be as simple as parking in a “no parking” zone, and receiving a punishment of being issued a parking ticket and having to pay a fine.It can also be more severe such as robbing someone with a gun, and the punishment could result in the perpetrator going to jail. If the act committed is not associated with a form of punishment, then generally the act is not considered a crime, but it still may be considered a violation. There are several causes of crime. A few are:
Parental relationship
A person’s relationship with their parents or family can be a good indicator if they will likely commit a crime sometime in their life. Many children who are abused, mistreated or neglected have a greater chance of committing a crime later in life, versus other children. A child who has been sexually abused in life will sometimes grow-up to become a sexual predator.
Drugs and alcohol
A person who abuses drugs or alcohol is known for making bad decisions in life, and some of those decisions are a form of criminal behavior. When a person is under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they usually have strong urges to commit crimes so they can continue to support their substance abuse habit. Easy access
When a person has easy access to handguns or other weapons, it then becomes easier for them to commit crimes. Many guns that are used in crimes are either stolen or bought illegally, and when a person can purchase a gun without having to show a concealed weapon's license, there is a good chance that the gun will be used for different types of crimes.

Most popular types of crime

Robbery is when a person attempts or successfully takes something of value from another person, by the use of force, threat, or violence. Identity theft
Identity theft is a crime that is growing in popularity, and it is when a person unlawfully uses someone else’s identity information such as social security number, credit card number, or driver license information, for their own benefit.

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