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All about designer plus size clothing

There are some fantastic designer clothes out there to suit the curvier women. This article takes a look at some of the plus size and outsize designer clothes available.

Plus size designer profile

Anna Scholz large size designer clothes There are a number of labels which market only plus size clothes. Anna Scholz ( is a London-based designer who hails from Germany. Her label has a range of gorgeous plus size women's clothes in exquisite fabrics, proving that big clothing can be beautiful. Sizes start at a UK 14, and go up to a UK 28. You can shop from home via her online catalog, but Anna Scholz also has designer stores across the world.

Plus sizes online

Online clothes shopping: Well-known designer labels don't only stock sample sizes: there are plenty of clothes for larger ladies available on Net-a-porter
This is the one stop shop for designer clothes shopping online, and their products should not be overlooked by those looking for plus sizes. Clothes in large sizes include the Ralph Lauren Black Label Cynthia stretch dress which comes in sizes up to XXXL, and is priced at £685.00 on the UK e-catalog. Our selection
There are coming-up for 100 large size dresses available on Net-a-porter available in sizes up to XXL, including a sexy knitted dress by Alexander McQueen for £735.00 and a fabulous, flattering tiered modal jersey dress by Miu Miu at a more modest £365.00. Simply be stocks large women's clothing following the latest trends, so you never look as if you're wearing big women's clothes. The online catalogs range of clothes starts at 14 and goes up to a 32. The catalog has a variety of well-known brands for the larger lady, including Geoffry & Paula, Rock & Revival and Gok Wan's line of clothes.

Home shopping catalogues

Fashion catalogs: JD Williams If you're wary of clothes shopping on line, then check out women's home shopping catalogs for big size clothing. JD Williams is one of the biggest names in home shopping in the UK. Their catalog stocks large ladies clothes, going up to a size 34 so there is no excuse not to look a million dollars, whatever your size. Our selection
Currently on sale is a lovely navy linen jacket with a stripe lining, so you can work nautical chic, now from £42.00. The top item in the JD Williams catalog's clothing section this season has to be the three piece suit, available in a variety of colours. Large suits can be difficult to wear, but the single-breasted style and simple tailoring is flattering for curvier women, proving that plus size can be chic! *All prices correct as of 29.05.2011

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