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All about: technology in the classroom

Technology in the classroom has made rapid progress in just a few years. Gone are the days when teachers could arrive in the classroom armed with a reference book or two, a few notes and a chalk board to convey the message of their lesson.

Technology within the classroom

Rapid progress
The modern school uses interactive boards within many of its classroom activities to help portray its theories of instruction and learning.
The technology available began with overhead projectors and has now progressed to laptops connected to digital whiteboards to make the classroom into an active studio.
Using a computer in the classroom is a valuable asset to every teacher.
Teachers are easily able to demonstrate new lessons with presentations such as PowerPoint, present new material, illustrate new programs and how to use them. Microphones
The use of microphones for teachers allows the students to hear the teacher without their having to shout to be heard.
When the students can clearly hear the instructions given, they work more productively and the teacher does not lose their voice during the course of the day.
Mobile devices
Clickers can be used to get instant feedback on opinions or debates for and against. Interactive whiteboards
Interactive boards connected to computers can assist with the application of touch control.
These are great aids in visual learning as well as enabling students to draw, write or even move images upon the interactive board.
Digital games
Classroom technology is further aided by the use of educational games in being useful tools in using technology in the classroom.
They can be highly motivating aids to student participation within a lesson.

Criticism of technology

Drawbacks of using technology
This could be seen as being a lack of proper training, the limited access available through new technology and the extra time required to implement the systems.
Special training
Specialist training is required to effectively implement the technology available within the classroom.
Without this, the advantages of using what is available are outweighed or seen as a hindrance over more traditional methods.
Lack of sufficient resources
When there are not enough computers or laptops to provide each student with exclusive use during a lesson, another difficulty arises.
Time involved in planning
Lesson planning takes time, and because of possible interruptions or failure of the technology alternative lessons must always be planned.
As technology upgrades, the equipment may become outdated during the next school year, requiring further expense to keep up with that technology.

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