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All about the Applebees restaurant

Applebees Restaurant or Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar, is a mainstream grill and bar restaurant that is common in the United States. Follow along to learn more about the restaurant and if it might be right for you.

About the restaurant

Locations There are plenty of Applebees locations that you will find, especially in the United States. There are currently over 2,000 locations total. Menu The Applebees menu is what you would expect from your average grill and bar restaurant, such as Chili's and others in this type of restaurant. Anything from sandwiches, seafood, steaks, and salad is easily found, with a wide range of choices in the American cuisine. Of course, there is also a selection of alcohol. Signature lines Applebees has some signature lines that are promoted. Most notable is their "Bourbon Street" line, which is inspired by the famous street in New Orleans. These spices are integrated into steaks and other dishes, providing a bit of a unique taste.
Environment The environment is also typical of similar restaurants, like previously named Chili's and others, such as a TGI Friday's. There will be memorabilia, normally on the topic of local events, such as newspaper clippings from a local high school. You can expect the closest sports teams to be represented a bit as well. TV Applebees typically has a number of televisions, as it common in American "bar and grill" restaurants. Sports will almost always be found there to watch.

Is it for you?

Applebees is a restaurant that has such a wide range of selection. If you like typical American cuisine, give it a try. Signature dishes Their signature dishes offer a lot, such as the Bourbon Street line and others. Many look for their spinach dip recipe, as another highly popular dish from the restaurant. Applebees menu prices are typical of similar restaurants, and you will commonly find deals as well (the "2 for $20" deal is quite popular, including two entrees and an appetizer). There is also an Applebees to go menus as well. Final word This is the type of restaurant that warrants a visit or two. There is a wide range of selection that you will likely enjoy. Also, this is a popular chain restaurant that is generally consistent.

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