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All about the Royal Bank of Scotland online service

The Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the leading subsidiaries of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Its sister companies which serve the U.K. market are NatWest and Ulster bank. The Royal Bank of Scotland provides a full array of services and its internet banking facility is very extensive. For more information about the Royal Bank of Scotland and its internet offering, read this article.

An overview of Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland was founded in 1727, and it rapidly expanded first through Scotland and later through England, with its first London branch opening up in 1874. However, due to a gentleman’s agreement between Scottish and English bankers, there was no expansion into England until the 1960s. The bank quickly expanded not only into England, but also beyond to every corner of the World. In 2006, the Royal Bank of Scotland re-branded to become the RBS. Currently, the RBS bank is present in 42 countries.

The Royal Bank of Scotland benefits and features

Daily finance
· Balances The RBS online system provides up to date information on balances. · Online statements and transactions i) It is possible to view and print statements going back up to seven years.
ii) It is possible to run a bank account search on statements according to type, date, description or amount.
iii) It is possible to search statements within a fixed date range.
iv) Credit card statements can be viewed over a four-month period.
· Start or stop receiving bank statements by post The account holder can switch from postal statements to e-statements. Importantly, they also have the option to switch back again. · Download transactions Transaction information can be easily downloaded onto spread sheets or accountancy software. · View pre-advice of interest and charge on screen Relevant banking information is sent to the online account as well as by post. Move money and pay bills · Transfer money between RBS accounts Money can be transferred, both straight away and at a pre-arranged date. Payments can also be cancelled or amended. · Pay money to another person, bank account or bill A range of payments can be made either form the current account or by secure credit card. · Standing orders and debit payments These can easily be arranged. Account administration RBS online bank accounts make it easy for the account holder to administer all of their accounts. Apply for products Another useful feature and benefit is the ease with which the account holder can apply for most banking products and services from the comfort of their own home. This includes credit cards, loans and overdrafts. Moreover, some financial products such as Direct Saver are only available to online customers.

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