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An introduction to Amica insurance

Amica insurance is an American-based insurance company, which has its headquarters in Lincoln, Rhode Island. With more than 3,000 employees and 38 offices throughout the US, Amica can provide a variety of high value insurance products. For more information on Amica insurance, read this article.

An overview of Amica Insurance

The Amica approach Amica believes that through customer service, it has been able to build its business. Amica is the oldest automobile insurance company in the U.S.A. Throughout this time, Amica has built its reputation on providing an insurance product with the highest level of customer care.

Insurance products

Auto insurance Amica provides insurance with the standard features of third party, fire and theft and comprehensive. They also have some unique selling features which are: · If the car is declared a total loss within 180 days of taking ownership, Amica will waiver depreciation in the settlement pay-out.
· No deduction for lost or stolen keys.
· No deduction for glass repair.
· No deduction of airbag damage or repair.
· Full reimbursement for lost earnings in a court case which is attended at Amica’s request.
· $1,000 for bail bonds.
Homeowners insurance Amica provides a very comprehensive service. Some of the quality features of the standard policy are: · Coverage for external structures such as garages and sheds.
· Coverage for living expenses, if it is not possible for the insured to live in a home after a loss.
· Coverage away from home for personal items such as theft from a hotel room, for example.
· Coverage for stolen credit cards up to the maximum value of the credit card.
Additional home insurance options The following options can also be included, which are: · Automatic Dwelling insurance provides an automatic upgrade of up to 30% in home repair or rebuilding costs if the budget has been exceeded.
· Personal Property Replacement provides full repair or replacement of personal property regardless of depreciation or coverage.
· Scheduled personal property provides specific coverage for certain valuables such as jewellery, for example.
· Catastrophic Coverage provides cover for all sorts of disaster, such as floods and Earthquakes, for example.
Other Amica products Amica also provide the following policies: · Life insurance and annuities.
· Personal umbrella Insurance.
· Marine insurance. Out of these products, the Personal Umbrella Insurance is particularly unique in its offerings, in that it provides a comprehensive cover which compensates the insured for unexpected losses, which impact their life in unforeseen ways. The coverage is as follows: · Auto liability anywhere in the World.
· Lawsuit protection for libel, slander, or defamation of character.
· A full range of coverage limits, starting from $1,000,000.

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