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An introduction to Partners Credit Union

Partner’s Credit union is an American credit union with its headquarters in Burbank California. This non-for-profit financial cooperative was set up for the employees and cast members of The Walt Disney Company and their family members. With eight branches and over 100,000 members, partner’s Credit union is one of America's larger, non-for-profit financial organisations. To find out more about Partners Credit union, read on.

An overview of Partners Credit Union

Founded in 1968 at the request of its employees, Partners Federal Credit union was originally named Disneyland Recreational Club (DRC). By the 1980's, it changed its name at the request of Disney's CEO Michael Eisner, who wanted the credit union to be separate from the Disney name. In 2007, Partners merged with Vista Federal Credit Union. Vista itself had been founded in 1960 and was also a credit union which served some of the Disney employees. Eligibility Originally, membership was restricted to the employees of the Disney Company working in Orange County California. However, in 2001 this was extended in order to cover Disney workers everywhere.

Partners financial offerings

Everyday banking Partners provide standard banking services such as credit card facilities, checking accounts, savings and investments, as well as online banking services.
Loans and wealth management Partners provide an extensive range of loan facilities including auto loans, home loans, insurance and wealth management. What makes Partners Credit Union unique?
Partners provide the following unique offerings, which go above and beyond the remit of most financial institutions. Financial education Partners run several workshops in order to educate their members. Importantly, unlike most educational programs run by financial institutions, these programs offer unbiased information, which is aimed to help the members to think for themselves about how to fulfil their financial needs. The programs are: Financial management workshop Where the attendees learn the basics of financial strategies including the following: · A six-step plan for financial success.
· The true cost of the credit card.
· Steps you can make to save on taxes.
· How to calculate how much more is necessary in order to retire.
· Important estate conservation strategies. Home ownership workshop Is designed to help the participants to learn the basics of home buying, including the process of home buying, as well as various negotiation strategies in order to secure a good deal. Retirement plans distributions workshop Explains the entire retirement process including strategies which will help the participants to save their time and obey. Relationship rewards Partners runs a relationship reward program, whereby the amount of money on deposit combined with the level of banking activities, provides a variety of benefits including increased dividends and reduced banking charges.

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