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An introduction to Pueblo Community College

Pueblo Community College (PCC), located in Pueblo, Colorado, was established in 1933 as Southern Colorado Junior College. The school, one of 13 in the Colorado Community College System, has four campuses with over 6,500 students. PCC lays emphasis on both vocational and transfer degrees. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of College and Schools.


Thirty-three associate degrees, thirty certificate programs and ten mini-certificate programs make up the academic program of Pueblo Community College.
Campuses Four campuses in Pueblo, Durango, Fremont and Mancos service students from various areas of the Pueblo community. Courses In addition to this, the school offers online courses for students who cannot attend regular classes. All students who are award associates degrees are expected to complete general education courses in addition to their degree courses.
Endorsement Degrees awarded by Pueblo Community College have the endorsement of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education.

Learning Center

PCC students can receive help for homework and other learning problems at the Learning Center.
Learning disabilities The Learning Center helps accommodate students who have learning disabilities by providing them with tools and serving as a liaison between the students and professor. Make up exams Students who do not take courses on campus and students who were sick during exams may be required to take exams at the Learning Center.
Tutoring services PCC provides online tutoring services and also has drop-in tutoring services available for students

Clubs and organisations

Clubs Twenty-four clubs offer students at PCC a variety of opportunities to become involved in campus life. Hispanics and African Americans have clubs on campus as do Christians. Those who are interested in paintballing also have a club. Students who want to socialise with people who are taking the same course of study can meet them in the clubs such as the Psychology and Social Work Club, Performing Arts Club or Future Educators Association.


Students who are over the age of 17 are allowed to attend PCC. This means that students from Pueblo Schools who wish to enrol may send in an application. This open admission policy also means that those who are not currently in school can apply. Applicants should note that acceptance to the school does not guarantee acceptance to a particular class. Applications can be sent online.
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