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Attractions to visit on cheap Thailand holidays

Thai holidays can still be great value if you are considering a trip to the Far East. Bargain flights and package deals can be found at certain times of the year. It is also important to note that because of the dynamic nature of Thailand, there are many cheap attractions here and also some that do not cost a penny.

Bangkok, City of angels

In amongst the hustle and bustle of city life, Bangkok has several large, sprawling parks to offer. Lumpini Park is the largest and is based around a large lake. Boats can be hired for a nominal fee or it is pleasant just to take a stroll around the park. Wildlife such as fish and large lizards can be seen living in the park. Phrom Phong Park is another area of greenery that is popular with both Thais and foreigners. People use the park for relaxation and also exercise. Markets
The Chatuchak market in Bangkok is one of the world's largest covered markets attracting over one million visitors per week. Nearly anything you can think of can be found within this huge market. It is divided into sections according to what vendors are selling. There are different areas for clothing, ornaments, furniture, silk products and many more. On Nut Night, the market is a much smaller, less chaotic affair, where the latest fashions, CDs and movies can be found at bargain prices. The Chao Phraya River
Originally used for economic purposes, now the river is a tourist attraction on its own. Five star hotels align the river, along with modern apartments and traditional Thai restaurants where a meal can be purchased for a few dollars. You can travel on the river with day ferry passes available for four dollars and shorter trips costing as little as one dollar (approximately).

Outside Bangkok

Two hours drive south west of Bangkok, is the sea side town of Hua Hin. Here, there is a wide range of accommodation at varying costs. There is an abundance of budget places to stay but still the quality is high. The town boasts an attractive beach which does not cost anything to visit. Choosing to stay mainly on a beach is a great way to cut costs on a holiday in Thailand. Mountain walking
The mountainous, rugged terrain of Chiang Mai in the North West of Thailand is ideal for walking and exploring. Walkers will experience stunning views of vast, valleys covered in thick green vegetation. Variety
Variety is one of the main reasons why Thailand continues to grow as a tourist destination. With so many inexpensive or free attractions, it's great for those who wish to stick to a budget.

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