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Australian Air Express: The facts

Australian Air Express (AaE) delivers across Australia as well as more than 200 other countries worldwide. The AaE has its own air and ground freighter network and can successfully provide day and night facilities even to the most remote areas. In this article you can find out more interesting facts about the Australian Air Express.

What is Australian Air Express?

Definition and overview
Australian Air Express is a logistics company, a cargo airline, which operates freight only services using other companies, namely Qantas, National Jet System and Pel -Air.
Australian Air Express is based in Melbourne, Australia and more specifically in the Melbourne Airport.

The history of Australian Air Express

Australian Air Express first operated in 1992.
At the time, it was known as a domestic air freight company, that picked up and delivered using vans as well as trucks.
It was also a joint venture between the postal provider Australia Post (the government owned company had the 50%) and the airline company Qantas (the airline company owned the rest 50%).
At the time of its first operation, Australian Air Express was the main competitor to the formerly known as Ansett Australia. Air-crafts
Australian Air Express was using Boeing 727 air-crafts for its services, which since 2006, were gradually replaced with Boeing 737 air-crafts.
Currently Australian Air Express uses four Boeing 737 – 300F,
one Boeing 767 – 300F, two BAe 146 – 300QT and one BAe 146 – 100QT.

Destinations of Australian Air Express

Australian air Express operates at the following domestic destinations, among many others:
-Canberra Airport (Australian Capital Territory)
- Newcastle Airport and Sydney Airport (New South Wales)
-Ayers Rock Airport
-Darwin International Airport
- Gove Airport
-Brisbane Airport It is extremely important to note that Australian Air Express also has an international brunch.
The international brunch is very popular around the world and is commonly known as Australian air Express International.

Delivery services of Australian Air Express

Delivery services and other features of Australian Air Express
The operations of Australian Air Express vary according to the selected service. ‘Next Flight’ delivery services use the next available scheduled Qantas passenger flight.
Other services
On the contrary ‘Overnight’, ‘2 Day Economy’ and ‘Off – Peak’ delivery services use both Qantas and aircrafts operated by Express Freighters Australia, National Jet Systems and Pel-Air. Final word
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