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Bag borrow or steal: A review

This article reviews Bag Borrow or Steal, a website with a truly unique service. This website embraces handbag renting and allows fashion lovers to rent a designer handbag at a fraction of their buying price. The article informs you on how Bag Borrow or Steal operates.

Who are Bag Borrow or Steal?

History of Bag Borrow or Steal
Bag Borrow or Steal started when the co-founders asked, “Why should women have to endure the emotional and financial sacrifices that accompany the endless search for the “right” accessory for every event, wedding and sinner party?” They also asked, “Why should celebrities, fashion editors, and socialites be the only ones allowed to borrow fashion accessories? Why not give everyone access to the perfect accoutrement for every occasion?” A different shopping experience
Bag Borrow or Steal offer a different shopping experience.
Instead of having to save their money for months and years, they can simply borrow a bag.
The website offer bags from a wide variety of designers such as Gucci and Burberry.
The site therefore provides different bags to suit different tastes.
They also cater for different budgets such as those from under $40 to more expensive ones like $400 and above.
These prices stated on 23rd May 2011.

How it works

Choosing your bag
The first thing to do is choosing a bag. There are thousands of styles to choose from.
They also offer a service called ‘Match Maker’ which allows you to match your handbag with your other accessories. Duration
Once you have chosen your bag, you can decide how long you want it for.
You can ‘borrow’ for a week, a month or a season.
While you are borrowing your bag, you may purchase the bag, or ‘steal’ the bag, if you want to. A wide variety of options
When you join the site you will have a ‘My Closet’ option.
There is a section in ‘My Closet’ called ‘Enjoying Now’.
If the item is available for purchase, then the price will reflect the rental equity you have earned on the bag.
If you don’t decide to steal the bag, you may then return the item.
This option is absolutely free - you don’t need to cover the shipping costs to return the bag. Final word is a website that gives fashion lovers a chance to have a piece of designer candy without having to buy the bag.
It is definitely worth adding this website to your favourites.

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