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Baylor Hospital: The Facts

Baylor Hospital is based in Dallas, Texas with twenty-six affiliates around Texas. Baylor health care system focuses on innovation and research to provide the best care possible for the community. The Baylor University Medical Centre was founded as the Texas Baptist Memorial Sanatarium in October 16, 1903.

Behind the scenes

Background As a long-time non-profit healthcare system, Baylor offers charity care and financial assistance when needed. It is also in the top fifty for 10 out of 17 specialties. Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation is ranked in the top twenty-six rehabilitation facilities in the United States. It began with a capacity of fourteen rooms. Baylor Health Care System serves 1.4 million patients each year. It has $3.8 million in total revenue. Baylor was founded as a Christian Ministry of Healing, to promote health care, education, research and community service. VISION: The vision for Baylor first began in 1903 with Charles Rosser, M.D. a founder of the college of medicine. Along with Rev. Truett and Colonel Slaughter, the hospital is established. The sanitarium nursing program participants work 12-hour shifts, caring for patients and attend classes outside of that. Colonel Slaughter made a large donation in 1918, allowing the Nurses Home and Training School to open. In 1921, Texas Baptist Memorial Sanitarium becomes Baylor Hospital, promoting the relationship it has with Baylor University in Waco, Texas. It is envisioned that Baylor should be the best place for safe and compassionate care.

Values and triumphs play a part

Values There are core values to every system, and thus every system is judged to a similar starting level. One should conduct oneself ethically in order to show integrity, and serve unselfishly in order to meet the needs of others. At that point, innovation should be shown, as one exceeds the expectations of others, constantly researching and exploring new ideas. Resources must be managed to an efficient degree. TRIUMPHS: In 1954, Baylor is allowed machinery to help treat cancer patients; this was a step up from the simple machines they had before for both diagnosis and treatment. In the next few years, Baylor begins to perform open-heart surgeries and pacemaker implants. Soon, doctors here also begin to perform coronary bypass operations and the hospital grows. During the 1970’s, a 200-bed surgical hospital opens, in the names of Erik and Margaret Jonsson and a 300-bed hospital opens in the name of Carr Collins. Over the years, more buildings are added, and with that more doctors and specialties. During the 1980’s a rehabilitation institute as well as a research institute take root in the organization. Baylor currently includes Health Texas clinics, the largest group of working physicians in Texas.

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