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Benefits and drawbacks of the Orange dolphin mobile phone package

Orange has been pushing its Dolphin package as well as its Orange Panther and Orange Canary for some time now. This article will look at the Dolphin Orange tariffs and Orange dolphin contracts to know which package can get you what you want in an unbiased and informative way.

What options are there?

The Orange Dolphin packages come with a pay plan that fits in to four categories. Each with different costs and different services. As of 01.06.11, the price plans for Orange Dolphin packages as advertised at are as follows: Dolphin 15
This is as the name suggests. It costs £15 per month but, for your money you get 100 'anytime' minutes as well as unlimited texts. You also get free internet to stay up to date with your favourite sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. However, what needs to be taken care of is that accessing other websites may incur a charge and the same applies for all of the Dolphin orange contract phones. Dolphin 20
This package is fairly similar to the Dolphin 15 package but apart from costing £5 more per month at £20 it gives you 200 minutes and as well as access to the free orange internet services, you also get email thrown in. Dolphin 25
This package is exactly the same as the £20 package except for costing (£25), giving you 300 minutes. Dolphin 30
With Dolphin 30, you really get a lot more for your money as this is the best of the Dolphin orange mobile deals. You get the orange free texts and you receive
500 minutes in your allowance. Do not forget that all these Orange phone tariffs come with unlimited texts and the minutes are anytime, similar to the cheaper Orange mobile phone deals. Will these prices change?
Prices have been the same for Dolphin packages for some time now and they are named to match the cost of the package. If you take out a Dolphin package then be sure to read through the deal you are getting because there's nothing stopping Orange giving less away for your money in the future.

What should I choose?

Which deal you go for is really down to how much you want to spend and how you intend to use your phone. You need to think about how often you may check on your Twitter or Facebook pages, if you knew it was free unlike the many 'pay as you go' tariffs. You may not use internet services at the moment because they are not part of your phone plan but with their increasing popularity, most people would find a way of making use of their free services.

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