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Benefits and drawbacks of using a home remedy for constipation

Constipation happens when you are unable to pass stools comfortably or with great difficulty. The stools may be hard and compacted and will cause a great deal of discomfort. Constipation may be a sign of major health problems, not just inability to go to the bathroom easily. Continual constipation problems should be checked by your physician.

Causes of constipation

Some of the causes of constipation may be expected, such as not getting enough fiber and not enough liquid in your diet. Some of the other things that cause constipation are: - Weak muscles
- Irregular meals
- Not chewing your food properly Some illnesses that may have symptoms of constipation are: diabetes, tumours, cancer, colitis, sluggish liver and acid reflux.

Benefits of using home remedies for constipation

No need to move
One of the main reasons to use home remedies for constipation is that you can stay in your home and not have to discuss your very private personal problem with anyone. You never have to sit down in a waiting room full of people when you have constipation. Looking for a cure for constipation is right at your fingertips. Cheap remedies with no side effects
Taking home remedies are also free of side effects and most are very inexpensive. Remember to not mix herbal medicine and pharmaceuticals as some medicines have restrictions against such a cocktail as ginger and turmeric. Natural relief for constipation Some common herbs used to treat constipation are: aloe gel, flax seed, fenugreek, psyllium seed and slippery elm bark. Some natural ways to soften hard stools Here are some very good remedies to try: -1 tablespoon of olive oil in the morning will help to make you regular.
-Try taking some freshly ground flax seed twice a day.
-Honey is also a way to soften your stools.
-Drink some coffee to move your stools. The other thing to use for a good overall health benefit is exercising. Exercising will help to make you regular and keep you fit for life. Rebounding on a
mini-trampoline is the best exercise you can do and one that is fun also. Disadvantages of using home remedies for constipation Recovery
The main disadvantage of using home remedies of constipation is the fact that you may have a serious health problem, such as a tumour or cancer and the longer you wait to seek medical attention, the less chance you may have of recovery. Lack of education
You may read a blog or website with incorrect information. There is much information on what helps constipation such as flax seed. Did you know however, that flax seed must be ground? Knowing how to treat yourself is as important as the cure itself. Sources:

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