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Burton college: Overview

This article seeks to give an overview of both the type of students, who are catered for at Burton College in Burton Upon Trent, but also the courses they offer. As Burton College appears to be the type of facility, which attempts to welcome and adapt to all different types of needs and academic ability, most people would find something attractive about the college.

An introduction

Full and part-time courses Burton college clearly welcomes all sorts of students, and caters for different needs by offering both full and part-time courses, so that studying can be fit around your schedule. In particular, adults can take advantage of the college’s part-time courses and with one in five of their students being over 21, would help the returning students to feel less intimidated by studying again. For more information, people interested may wish to read the part-time brochure, accessible via their website. Qualifications available Burton College also offers students a number qualifications to undertake, including BTEC, A Levels and apprenticeships to suit all types of academic ability. The college also works in its community to offer a range of vocational and non-vocational courses, away from its campus and its locality, such as community centres and churches. Participants can learn anything from IT to a new language.
Payment of fees With regards to fees, there are many courses, which are free or cost very little. If you
are between the ages of 16-18 and are in a full-time course, you will have to pay no
tuition fee at all. For more information, you can see their Fees and Funding guide, which can
be accessed via their website.

Course specifics and more Information

Student satisfaction Student satisfaction is high at Burton College, and many students would recommend the college to others. This is one of the most highly regarded indicators of a college's strength, and nearly, every league table and institutional ranking system use this throughout the country. Courses available They offer an impressive amount of courses, including hair and beauty, business and management, care, constructive industries, creative arts, forensic science, media and music production, performing arts, sports and leisure, teaching and education. In particular, it is a very strong technical college and offers a good number of courses in technological industries. For those interested in finding out more information, they may be contacted at: Postal address: Burton College
Student Services
Lichfield Street
Burton On Trent
DE14 3RL

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