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Buy and Sell Ireland: Review and rate

Learn more about the Buy and Sell here. Buy and Sell is an online classifieds site and it can also be purchased in newspaper form. It covers ads from across Ireland across a range of categories. Read here to see what we think of the website.

General information

Overview Buy and Sell is one of Ireland’s top search sites and weekly newspapers for buying and selling all types of goods. The Buy and Sell newspaper, which started in 1990, is published four times a week in the Republic of Ireland and once a week in Northern Ireland. There are three national editions and one Munster edition. Although popular, its website has increased its audience.
Their website is
Categories All categories are listed on the home page. Buy and Sell categories include Motoring, Jobs, Business Services, Computers, DIY & Construction, Farming, Garden, Health & Beauty, Hobbies & Collectibles, Home & Family, Music, Pets, Property, Sports and Leisure, Travel, Motorbikes and Dating. They also have a Swap Shop category with free items or those willing to swoop. There is also a section for jobs in the UK.

Positive points

Simple and attractive layout The Buy and Sell website is well presented. It has a good, attractive layout that is simple to use. Its easy to see what categories are available and selection is very user-friendly.
Detailed search facility
Its search facility, which is detailed, helps you to pinpoint exactly what you are searching for by item, price and location. Ads can be for sale or wanted.
They are well displayed as search results with pictures of the item. It has a good used cars in Ireland search. Results detail colour, price, engine size and year and you can then, click for more information. Placing ads
Placing ads online cost around €3 for three ads over three months. You can pay by phone which makes the transaction easier. Your ads can be placed in three different categories and all three ads will appear online for three months. The website makes it simple to place ads for your unwanted gear.

Negative points

Slow loader
The Buy and Sell website is a slow loader especially if you don't have a broadband connection. This can make searches frustrating and leave you with the tendency to try a faster site.
Cost Although the cost is minimal, it is not free and other sites are available where ads can be placed without cost in Ireland.
Loss of popularity The site has also lost popularity due to done deals, which uses an even simpler search facility. We would give an overall rating of eight out of ten.

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