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Buying guide : Ricardo Luggage

Ricardo Beverly Hills is a renowned high-end American luggage producer that stocks everything from suitcases, to carry on luggage and totes, to garment bags, duffle bags and other accessories. To view their range, visit In this article, find out more about Ricardo Luggage as well as where to buy it!

About Ricardo Luggage

Luggage collections
Ricardo Luggage produce nine different luggage collections, called Bel Aire, Sausalito Superlig, Pasadena, San Mateo, Big Sur, Capistrano Light, Huntington Lite, Essentials and IZOD - Engage. Learn about each of them here. Bel Aire range
In the Bel Aire range, there are three black expandable upright suitcases available, in different sizes. These are sleek and stylish, yet hard-wearing and practical. They are great if you are constantly on the move and are looking for something will a little extra pizazz. They also stock a wheel aboard stow, a wheeled business brief (great for conferences and business travel), a rolling garment bag and a bi-fold deluxe garment bag. Sausalito Superlig range In the Sausalito Superlig range, there is a universal wheel aboard, an expandable wheel aboard, and two expandable uprights in different sizes.
This is also a very sleek range. Pasedena range The Pasedena range consists of hard suitcases, perfect for regular use.
It consists of three expandable upright suitcases in different sizes. The San Mateo range
The San Mateo range consists of softer cases for maximum flexibility. In this range are three upright wheeled cases in different sizes. Big Sur range
The Big Sur range of cases is strikingly purple in colour. There is a rolling tote, a universal wheel aboard, an expandable wheel aboard two expandable
pullmans in different sizes and a rolling garment bag available in the range. Capistrato Light cases The Capistrato Light cases come in a brilliant red, if you want something distinctive. Choose from a universal wheel aboard, three two-compartment upright cases in different sizes and a rolling garment bag. Huntingdon Lite range
The sleek, dark grey Huntingdon Lite range consists of a shoulder tote, a rolling tote, an expandable wheel aboard, a soft duffel bag a garment bag and two expandable upright bags in different sizes.

Where to buy Ricardo Luggage

Try different websites if you are looking to buy Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage. Below is a list of websites to try: On the Ricardo Beverly Hills website, there are also details of how to find out about stockists near you. Check it out at!

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