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Buying guide: Travel hair dryer

People who are thinking about buying a portable hairdryer should take the time to understand what they need to look for when buying a travel hair dryer. This will ensure that they buy an effective hair dryer that meets their needs when they are on the road.

What to look for in a travel sized hair dryer

Analysing the need for a travel sized hair dryer
The first thing that buyers will need to think about is whether or not they need to take a hair dryer on their trips. Generally most people who go on a holiday or business meeting will need to take a travel sized hair dryer with them. Hair dryers in hotels
This is because the hair dryers in hotels tend to have very little power. What this means for travelers is that they will need at least an hour to dry their hair properly if they use the small, powerless hair dryer in their hotel room. Ionic hair dryers
The ideal hair dryer for travel will be ionic. This is because negative ions stop the hair from becoming frizzy. Most hair dryer manufacturers are aware of this and are producing more and more ionic hair dryers. While they may cost more than a standard model, they are worth the cost. Power of hair dryers
Travelers will also need to consider how powerful the hairdryer that they want to purchase is. While travel hairdryers are small, they should still be powerful enough to dry hair quickly and effectively. Accessories available
Many travel dryers come with accessories such as a diffuser and a concentration nozzle. These two tools will help users blow dry their hair straight or bring out their natural curls. The power point of the dryer
People who are traveling overseas should make sure that they are aware of what sort of power points the country they are visiting uses. There is no point in taking a hair dryer when it cannot be plugged in. If the country uses different power points, the buyer will need to take along an overseas power point adapter.

Where to buy travel hair dryers

Hair stores
The best place to buy hair dryers and other hair products is at specialty hair stores. These stores stock the best products for the hair. However, this does come at a cost.
Department stores
Those who cannot afford to shop at these stores can buy a hair dryer from a department store. While they may not be as good quality as the ones in hair stores, they will still do the job.

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