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Buying guide: large rabbit hutches

Having a large rabbit hutch is very important for the rabbit’s health and well-being. If kept in a small cage, the animal will get fat and out of shape and it’s likely to be bored. Bored bunnies chew on cages and bowls and things it shouldn’t eat. Sometimes they chew on themselves.

Buy the best rabbit hutch

Finding the best hutch
A large rabbit cage is necessary - there needs to be enough room for an adult rabbit to stretch out and it needs room to move around in as well.
The hutch also needs to be large enough to accommodate a few toys, because rabbits love to play.
Finally, it needs to open into a rabbit pen, so it can get out of the cage daily. Rabbit houses with easy openings
Rabbit houses with easy openings is best.
Another good reason to make sure openings are easy is that the more it opens, the easier it will be to clean.
Bunny cages need to be cleaned every other day, and the bottom should be woven wire.
Having a removable tray under the hutches is great, so their excrements can be washed away easily.
A place to hide or sleep is also very important for the bunny.
These considerations should be included when deciding which hutch to buy.

Choices, choices choices

How to select a hutch?
Many hutches are made to sit on the ground or on a table.
Therefore, you should consider whether there are other animals around the area.
If so, then a hutch sitting off the ground is required for the rabbit’s safety.
There are different kinds of hutches, too.
Many of them have several levels for the rabbit to entertain itself.
Keeping the toys away from the place the rabbit relieves itself is warranted, but make sure there are plenty of toys.
A hutch with more than one level means the rabbit will get more exercise and will therefore be healthier.
Rabbit hutches are made out of different woods, metal and even plastic.
Plastic is for temporary or portable shelters only, because the plastic doesn’t weather well.
The metal ones can get quite cold, but the wooden ones are very good.
Just be sure to pick one that is large enough.
Final word
A very good selection of rabbit cages for sale can be found at

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