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Canon laser printer: Pros and Cons

The Canon laser printers are one of the worlds most sought after printers today. Canon is well known for offering feature-rich, high quality and super functional printers that can always be relied on. Whether you want a printer for business or personal use, there is always a Canon laser printer that will work for you.


Making the right choice of a canon laser printer is just a matter of comparing the features of the different available models and finally deciding on the one that best matches your intended needs and budget. Ecological appliances
The Canon families of printers are very environmental friendly as they are fantastic energy saving equipments with its low power consumption. Some of the Canon laser printer models are quite compact, while some are a bit bulky but can also function as a printer, copier, facsimile and a scanner. The new models of Canon Laser printers should be a must-have tool in the businessman’s or busy entrepreneur arsenal of tools.

Positive points

One of the greatest advantages for using a Canon laser printer is the speed of its printing jobs. They can print about 50-100% faster than competitive printers. As an example for every 17 pages per minute produced by other printers, the laser printer can print out up to 35 pages per minute. This undeniably speeds up the overall work flow while increasing productivity and quality of work.
Output quality
Another fantastic feature of this printer is the high quality output. They produce very crisp, clear and sharp documents and images which are top grade. This simply explains why most businesses, professional institutions and groups all use Canon laser printers.
Optimisation of resources
They are highly network optimized printers. In a big office, a single laser printer can be shared by twenty or more workers because of the sheer speed of the printer.

Negative points

They are often very expensive because of the speed, and its high quality printing, which can be a key drawback for start-up businesses.
Grayscale output
Most Canon laser printers are monochrome and as a result cannot produce coloured output. The colour laser printer is far more expensive than a monochrome printer,
Canon laser printers further boost the effect of the cost disadvantage of the device. Bulky
The Canon laser printers are often big sized and often requiring more space than other printers.

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