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Cheap holidays in Albufeira

Albufeira is a wonderful destination in Portugal, Algarve. The place offers perfect vacation for all those people who are looking for an inexpensive foreign tour. In this wondrous location, you can enjoy spectacular villages and roam among the archaic structures of churches and manor that dot the scenic coastal town.

Exploring the Archaic Old Town of Albufeira

The town of Albufeira is divided into two sections, the New Town and the Old Town. The Albufeira Old Town boasts of an excellent array of churches and period buildings intersected by cobbled roads. Other than museums, you are not required to pay entrance fees. Particularly interesting is the main town square which is lined with several restaurants, cafés and pubs, where along with refreshments, you can savour a fresh seafood platter of which grilled sardines are particularly famous. Most of the local eateries provide good quality food at incredibly reasonable prices. Praça da República, Igreja Matriz, St.Sebastião and Torre de Relógio are some of landmarks which are worth visiting.

New town delights of Albufeira

The New Town of Albufeira, Algarve is also enjoyable. The area is dotted with several hotels, nightclubs and strip clubs where rocking performances enthral tourists throughout the night. An exhilarating nightlife can be experienced in an area of the New Town called,The Strip. Many prominent strip clubs and nightclubs are concentrated in the area and popular among them are Garage Bar, Cuica, Libertos, La Bamba, Renos Bar and Patcha Bar. A string of about 20 bewitching beaches can be accessed from the area where fun activities like swimming, fishing, and beach volleyball are the preferred fun activities of tourists.

Cheap hotels in Albufeira

There are a wide range of cheap hotels in Algarve region of Albufeira. The cost of accommodation in a decent Albufeira hotel will range from 30 Euro to 50 Euros. Other than hotels, there are several small inns, dorms and taverns suitable for backpackers and budget travellers. Quality accommodations are provided in Hotel De Grale, Vacation Rental Clube Maria Luisa, Hotel Velamar, and Vacation Rental Cerro Mar Atlantico. The room rates in these hotels can be as low as 36 Euros depending exclusively on the time of your visit. Jardim Albufeira Hotel and Oura Praia Hotel provides decent rentals at 19 Euros, but because of the low rate, the hotel is extremely popular and finding a room will depend on the rush and your luck. Low cost budget apartments in Algarve Albufeira region are Hotel Apartmento Balaia Plaza and Hotel Balaia Sol Apartments where you are charged $43 to $51 Euros per night.

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