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Cheap ways to catch a ferry to Spain

Catching a ferry to Spain is another option to consider if you do not want the cost or hassle of flying. It also means that you can take your own car and caravan if you want to. Here are some cheap ways to catch a ferry to Spain.

Types of ferries

The two main options for catching a ferry to Spain are to either take one of the cross channel ferries to France and drive, or to catch one of the direct ferries to Spain. The ferries that travel to Spain are more expensive, but save on petrol and the hassle of driving such a long way.
Car ferries The car ferries that cross the channel are usually fairly basic, as you are not spending very much on them. They will have restaurants and some simple entertainment, but are designed for short journeys. Sea ferries
The sea ferries that make the longer trips to Spain usually have more facilities. On many, you are able to reserve a cabin and they will have more entertainment and lounges.

Booking a cheap ferry

There are a number of ways to make a ferry booking either on the Internet, over the phone or in person. Usually, the further in advance you book a ferry crossing, the cheaper it will be. As well as looking at the main ferry companies also, consider Irish ferries that run ferries to England from Spain and France and Brittany holidays that offers cheap packages that include the ferry.
Ferry offers Look out for newspaper offers for cheap ferry tickets. Often, if you collect a number of tokens, you can get cheap ferry crossings for a car and passengers. If you are travelling out of season, then it is usually possible to get a ticket cheap as well.

Alternative travel options

If you decide that you don't want to travel by plane or ferry, you could take a train on your Spain trip. By travelling through the Euro-tunnel, you can get all the way from England through France and Spain. Train travel to Spain is very quick and comfortable and you can visit all the main destinations, like Barcelona to Madrid on the main train lines. Taking the train to Barcelona will take you through some beautiful countryside.
Ferry versus train or plane If you enjoy being at sea, then taking a ferry to Spain is a much better option than a train or plane and can be an enjoyable part of the trip, rather than just a means to get there. Look out for deals and it can also work out much cheaper.

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