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Christian home-based businesses: The facts

Run by people of faith, Christian businesses are an opportunity for followers of Jesus Christ to work in a company that shares fundamental religious values. More than just a work from home business opportunity, Christian businesses are a way for Christians to earn a living by providing a service that promotes the values of their faith. Understanding what is encompassed in Christian home-based business opportunities will allow a person to see if having a faith based-home business is right for him and his family.


Faith Owners of home-based Christian business will find that they are able to work in a trade that allows them to openly share their faith. In addition to this, business owners have opportunities to support mission work and other Christian activities with their business. Family Children of Christian home-based business learners can learn ethical, Christian practices while watching their parents build their company. Parents who have specific religious obligations, such as Seventh-day Adventist who keep Sabbath from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, can choose to work in such a way that honours these obligations, thus instilling in their children the importance of what they believe.


A Christian who is looking forward to open a business from home can consider a variety of options. Christian daycare If the home meets the requirements of the commune, a Christian daycare can be opened in the family residence. Emphasis can be placed on children learning good Christian values and the daily curriculum can be based on Bible story and themes. Christian accounting agency A garage or unused room can be converted into an office for an accountant who wants to work from home. Churches, church schools and other Christian organisations can be targeted as potential customers. Also, people associated with these organisations can become customers of the accountant.


A home business owner should build a network of Christian businessmen and women that can become vital contacts for a new business. You should consider attending a Christian business owner conference or have a dinner for businessmen and women in your church. You can look online for resources that connect business people.

Building success

To achieve success in a Christian business requires more than just prayers. A business owner has to work hard to make his business a success. A final word You should make sure that you are organised and professional in your dealings. You can hire a lawyer and accountant to ensure that all your dealings are legal. Market your business as much as possible. Hand out business cards and build a website to give your business more visibility.

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