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Common home and business scams

Thousands of people fall prey to the numerous online home and business money-making scams. The scammers use a very attractive language that convinces the victims that they will get money quickly. Desperate and unsuspecting people fall into the smart traps by giving away their money. There is also the much reported credit card fraud. It involves paying for the “get-rich-quick” secrets by using credit cards.

How do the scammers make their business work?

The most commonly used tactic by work-at-home scams is to make people believe that they can make much money in the comfort of their homes, without the need for any experience or training. Usually, the scammers use photoshopped dummy cheques to show how other people have benefited from their programmes. When the unsuspecting individuals believe the income dummies, they are told to subscribe to the programme. They will supposedly receive a video, a book, tools, steps or tutorials on how to maximise their online home and business money-making capacity.
Internet credit card fraud The scammers ask the individuals to pay a small fee. It is apparently discounted for that day only by using their card details. They promise that the card information will be safe, but the truth is that the websites are not encrypted. Hence, they pick up the details of the card and they hack it.

Common home and business scams

Online paid surveys These are the most common business scams. They target mothers or youths who are at home. Scammers promise to give you a list of the most profitable survey companies for a fee. On the other hand, some ghost survey company may ask for registration fees so as to join their community of online opinion givers.
Data entry clerks This scam uses the same tactic as the survey scammers. They ask for a small fee so that they can show you how to go about data entry. They expose you to the most profitable companies that will offer you data entry work.
Article writing projects In this scam, they do not ask for a fee, but they rob you of your work and sell it elsewhere. These scammers post writing jobs on the Internet and ask writers to bid for the work by submitting original written samples. For every bidder, a sample is submitted and eventually, the project is cancelled. The scammer walks away with hundreds of well written samples. Other upcoming home and business scams to look out for are: - Email processing and forwarding,
- Home typists,
- Home data transcription and translation,
- Envelop stuffing, and
- Craft assembly for toys and games.


While looking for a legitimate online job, never pay upfront fees. This will reduce your chances of being scammed.

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