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Compare the prices of AAH Pharmaceuticals in Glasgow

AAH Pharmaceuticals is one of the United Kingdom’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Aside from pharmaceutical products, the company also offers healthcare services and products to doctors and for medical facilities. AAH Pharmaceuticals has several branches in the different parts of the UK, including one in Glasgow, particularly in the area of Polmadie.

What every branch offers

Every AAH Pharmaceuticals branch, including the one that is in Glasgow, picks and packs more than 15 million products every week. Every branch processes an order every three seconds. Normally, each AAH branch carries over
20,000 products at any single time, including generics, over-the-counter medicine, prescription medicines and beauty products.

Competitors in Glasgow

AAH Pharmaceuticals is not the only major pharmaceutical business in the area of Glasgow. The company has several competitors which also offer similar products and services. Askit Laboratories is also a manufacturer, as well as a distributor of pharmaceutical products. Another competitor in the area is Controlled Therapeutics, which has its office located in the area of Redwood Place in Glasgow. Ethigen is another competitor company that has its headquarters in the area of Springbum Place, in Glasgow. Like AAH Pharmaceuticals, these companies also offer reasonable prices on pharmaceutical products, as well as on the suggested retail prices for those branded products.

AAH Pharmaceuticals’ product promotions

Each of AAH Pharmaceuticals’ branches, including the one in Glasgow, offers promotions for its products. Each branch gives out about 6,000 pieced of price lists to its customers every quarter. This is a marketing strategy from the company’s part, in order for the consumers to be familiar with the company’s prices and they can budget their money accordingly. Although regular prices may more or less differ very little from that of its competitors, AAH Pharmaceuticals offers discount schemes for the benefit of its customers. The company also offers its customers with Manufacturers’ discounts scheme.

Other strategies for product advertising

Every AAH branch gives out leaflets and product updates in order for its customers to be informed about the most recent changes and activities of the company. New product launches, promotions, discontinued products, product changes, all these are relayed to AAH’s customers in order to update them about the recent happenings that may or may not affect their decision when it comes to purchasing AAH’s products. Website AAH Pharmaceuticals also makes use of website advertising in order to promote its products to its customers, as well as provides them with helpful training materials. The company’s website advertising also offers its customers with the latest news regarding the products that the company is selling.

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