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Compare the prices of pocket hole jigs

A jig is a sort of tool which is used to handle a work piece and guide the location of another tool in order to perform a certain action. It is used both in metal working as well as in wood working. Pocket-hole joinery is an activity which involves drilling a hole at a required angle into a work piece in order to join it to another work piece with one self tapping screw.

Pocket hole jigs: The manufacturer

Pocket hole jigs The pocket hole jigs are jigs used to perform pocket hole joinery. The price of the pocket hole jigs are different depending on different criteria such as: Just like many other products, the pocket jig can be bought for more or less money depending on the manufacturer. There are well-established and respectable manufacturers which have higher prices. The Kreg pocket jig There are also the Oriental manufacturers like China which have incredibly low prices compared to European or American manufacturers. To see the difference in manufacturers’ prices check the Kreg pocket jig versus E-Z pocket jig. The Kreg pocket hole jig is produced by a very well-known producer, Kreg and costs up to £120, as of July 2011, compared to the E-Z which costs not more than £50, as of July 2011.

Pocket hole jigs: Kits or not

If you buy a pocket hole jig kit, you will also get the pocket hole screws, the storage box and other components. If you were to buy each element separately it would cost you a lot more. That means that it is much more profitable to buy sets or kits and not just the pocket screw jig. You can spare up to 10-20% this way. It is the same no matter which brand you will buy, the Kreg pocket hole jig or the Woodstock International jig.

Pocket hole jigs: The mechanism

Depending on the complexity of the tool you can pay more or less for it. Automatic pocket-hole jigs cost a lot more than any standard pocket jigs. The Cable pocket hole jig from Porter would require an expenditure of around £150, as of July 2011, while a standard similar Kreg jig would cost about £80, as of July 2011. A pneumatic semi-automatic pocket hole jig would cost around £500, as of July 2011, while an electric semi-automatic pocket jig would cost at least 10% less.

Pocket hole jigs: The size

The price of a pocket-hole jig is very much depending on how big you need your jig to be. The price would be proportional to the scale of your activity. Pocket jigs used for large work pieces costs more than one used for small work pieces. The price grows as the size grows.

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