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Creative uses for paper clips

The paperclip may be one of the smallest office supplies, but it is also one of the most versatile. Learn creative ways to turn the ordinary paperclip into a kitchen helper, fashion helper, or an emergency hair fix.

Fashion ideas

Paperclips are an easy fashion accessory, especially when you have access to different colours. But their size is also perfect for fashion emergencies when you are out and about.
Jewellery Need a quick necklace to match your funky new clubbing top? String together purple and red paperclips to create a colourful and playful necklace. Are you tired of wearing the same old earrings every day? Slip small beads onto a paperclip so they rest in the bend of the clip and wear as dangly, sparkly earrings. Note Sterilise paperclip first. You want something unique and eye-catching on the wrist? Beaded paperclips strung together create an attention-grabbing bracelet, especially when you mix and match bead colours or use fancy paperclips. Fashion Saves - Broken zipper pull? Grab a paperclip and slip it through the little hole in which the zipper pull was and you have an instant new zipper pull ready to use. Can’t you find your cufflinks and you have to be out the door in two minutes? Two small paperclips can save the day and act as emergency cufflinks for the night. Is the clasp on your favourite necklace broken? Slip a paperclip in the chains on both ends for an instant, quick clasp. You have noticed a fallen hem right before a big meeting? Slip a paperclip or two at the bottom to hold the hem up until you can fix it. Choose clips to match the material colour. Are you working hard at the office but your hair keeps falling in your eyes distracting you?
Grab a paperclip and use it as a barrette.

Around the home ideas

Paperclips do wonders around the home and can actually save you money when you look at them in a creative way rather than just being a little wire clip. Are you making a cherry tart only to realise you cannot find your cherry pitter? Unfold a paper clip at the centre and insert a hooked end into the cherry. Once you hit the pit, lift it up and out of the cherry. You don’t want to finish the whole bag of snack chips but no bag clip on hand? Use extra large clips to keep food bags closed and fresh until their next use. You need to hang important papers or favourite photos on the kitchen cork-board but don’t want to put holes in them?
Dangle a clip on a pushpin and attach your paper or photo to the paperclip.

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