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Designing a guitar display case

Designing and building a guitar display case requires a lot of planning. There are several factors to consider, including the type of wood, the finish, any additional design elements and how to prop up the guitar within the case. Although builders can utilise a simple box construction for the case, the different options can create a unique look.

Designing the basic case

- Consider the design of the case. - Measure the size of the guitar and other items to be stored in the case. - Think about the arrangement of the guitars within the case. - Add a few extra inches all around the guitar to avoid having it hit the sides of the case or any other instruments stored alongside the string instrument. - Include all of the necessary dimensions and specifications. This includes the basic length, width and height of the box, how to prop the guitar and additional compartments. - To prop up the guitar, consider including a hanger around the headstock. - Include a small base where the guitar could rest on. This would help reduce the weight applied on the hanger.

Choosing wood

Almost any type of wood can be used to create the guitar cabinet. Plywood and fiberboard Plywood and fiberboard are affordable options and commonly available from any hardware store. However, they easily warp and are not structurally reliable.
Harder types of wood
Harder types of wood such as cherry or oak provide more stability and look well with the grain exposed. The disadvantage with using harder woods is the additional cost involved.

Fastening the pieces together

There are many ways of fastening the different parts of wood. Nails and screws are popular and simple to use. However, the metal fasteners will not be able to account for the wood shifting, which may result in loose sections over time. Using wooden joints and dowels takes this shift into consideration. The only disadvantage is that builders need to be more careful about what joints to use. They also need to be knowledgeable for cutting the sections accurately to fit well. Precautions Wood glue may also work. Be aware of the fumes when working with adhesives and wear protective masks when possible.

Adding the final touches

Finishing the guitar case can determine the overall look and feel of the piece. For cabinets built using plywood, painting the finished case is ideal to hide any unwanted areas. With using oak and more expensive types of wood, consider staining the case instead to reveal the beautiful wood grain.

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