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Do Borders coupons make a good gift?

This article will look at coupons from the store Borders and examine whether they are suitable for a gift. With the company going into liquidation, the article will examine whether the coupons are suitable for a gift, in particular, looking at the pros and cons on whether they would make a good present.

Borders - a history

History Borders was one of the world's most recognised international book and music retailer. Founded in Michigan in 1971, at its height the company was running 511 superstores globally, and as such took a massive share of the market. At this time, the company is going into free fall and liquidation. Most of the stores across the US globally have been shut, but for the stores still open, there are massively discounted sales going on as Borders try to clear their stock before the rest of the shops are closed for good. If free coupons or coupon savings are still available, customers should be strongly advised to think carefully whether they have any value as a gift, and if the person will be able to - or want to - redeem them in time before the company closes for good.

Giving coupons - the pros and cons

While you may struggle to actually get hold of Borders coupons - or printable coupons - if you still have them, then the time to redeem them is now. However, should you give them as a gift? Pros - Coupons should never go to waste, what you can't use, you should give to someone who may be able to. - With many stores operating an everything-must-go sale, there is the potential to get books and music at a very reduced rate, especially with the coupons. - It's always nice to be given a gift, and in these economically unstable times, every little thing helps. Cons - Many of the Borders stores have already been shut or will be shutting imminently. You may look cheap offering a coupon, which people can't cash, as gift. - Most of the stock is likely to have been sold off, so the quality or range of what's left might be limiting. - It may already be too late to cash the coupons - have you checked if your local store is already shut?

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