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Does a daily intake of liquor increase weight gain?

Weight gain in today's society is a popular topic. The food industry is busy developing low-fat products that at the same time are delicious and supposed to prevent weight gain. However, one of the most controversial topics is the pros and cons of alcohol and the role it plays in whether we lose or gain weight. This is the issue discussed in the article below.

According to Mr. Shin Ohtake, a widely recognised strength coach and fitness & fat-loss expert, "Alcohol is known to inhibit fat oxidation, which basically stops the body from burning existing fat." Thus, the question is not whether one drinks liquor, beer, wine or whiskey but, how much of it the body can consume and process. If drinking two or three drinks everyday interferes with the liver's function of processing the amount which is taken in, the body's capacity to lose fat is automatically prohibited. Instead of losing weight, one starts to gain a beer belly or a nice large pear-shaped abdomen.
Side effects of drinking alcohol Another side effect of drinking some type of alcoholic beverage everday is acetaldehyde and malondialehyde, two toxic compounds that are produced by the liver. Acetaldehyde is a known carcinogen and has been linked to many organ diseases, according to Mr. Ohtakes internet report (blog and comments on how to prevent your beer belly). Sam Harrington Lowe from the U.K. states" that it is not just the fact that alcohol has a lot of calories but also that people who drink excessive amounts of alcohol tend to have bad eating habits." What could be a possible cure? Moderation and maintaining a good exercise schedule with good eating habits may be the answer to avoid weight . Besides that, reducing the alcohol intake to once a week or to once every two weeks and not drinking over excessively when one drinks, will help the liver to regenerate and help prevent weight gain.

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