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Especially stylish laundry bags

When it comes to choosing your laundry bag, two things must be considered - style and practicality. Laundry bags are necessary for storing your dirty clothes but this does not mean that they have to look like that is what they contain. This article covers how to choose a stylish laundry bag that is suited to your needs.

Types of laundry bag

The most common laundry bags on the market are the pop up laundry bags, the mesh drawstring bags and the clothes hampers.
They all have their pros and cons. A pop up laundry bag is convenient, as it can be pushed down and stored when empty, making it efficient if you're tight on space in your home.
It is also a good choice if you're a student or travel a lot, as it can be easily slotted into a car or carried around. Drawstring bags are another option and can be a good choice if you have limited floor space.
They can be hung from a hook and stored in the bathroom on the back of the door, making them convenient and also easy to carry if you don't have your own washing machine and tumble dryer and have to use a laundromat. A hamper basket is the third alternative when looking for somewhere to store laundry.
These ones are typically more expensive, but can be the best for a family as they are typically large enough to hold an entire household's worth of clothes.
Other types of laundry bags
Alternatively, there are other types of laundry bags, small mesh bags are used to wash delicate clothes in the washing machine, so they aren't damaged and laundry baskets are used to transport wet clothes to the clothes line and carry finished laundry around.


Different styles
Laundry bags can be bought in a variety of different styles.
Linen bags are popular as they are simple, making for easy and effective storage of dirty clothes.
These can come with a printed or plain pattern, allowing you to buy one that will fit with how your house is decorated. Pop up laundry bags are often aimed at children and as a result, can be bought shaped like well-known cartoon characters or as animals. Typically, laundry baskets are made of wicker and lined with cloth, and add style to bathrooms and bedrooms. Final word
Washing baskets are made of plastic, so that they can be used to transport wet clothes and come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

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