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Finding jobs in Manchester

Manchester is a large metropolitan centre in the North of England. The city is home to three large universities and so there are lots of job opportunities in a huge variety of fields. In this article, we'll give you the inside knowledge on how to secure training vacancies and jobs in one of England's most vibrant and exciting cities.

Searching for jobs

The most traditional way of finding jobs and training is by looking the newspapers. Guardian jobs and the local news paper, the MEN (Manchester Evening News) are the two best places to look. If you are interested in a specific career in teaching then you should check the Times Educational Supplement which is released every Thursday. Online
Nowadays, many employers advertise in a wide variety of places. In addition to taking out ads in newspapers, agencies and trade journals, employers also advertise their positions online. Try a job website such as for the latest Manchester jobs. Agencies
There are lots of job agencies in Manchester and most of them are located on Fountain Street in the centre of the city. This area is home to both general and specialist agencies. The street can be found near between the central library and the town hall. Manchester Central Convention Centre
This famous Manchester building, once known as the GMEX is regularly home to many careers fairs. Here you can apply for jobs, find out about careers in IT and a huge number of other sectors. Check their website ( for the latest Manchester work conventions.

Notable employers

The Greater Manchester Police force is one of the largest police forces in England. As such, it is an excellent place to develop a career and gain training as a police officer. GMP jobs are very competitive, so you may need to work as a PCSO to gain the necessary experience before applying for a job. Manchester City Council
Despite large cuts which have affected MCC. the organisation still employs thousands of people. The MEN is the best place to check for jobs. The natural turnover of staff in such a large organisation will mean that there will be a steady stream of jobs all the year round. Manchester Universities
With three universities servicing one of the largest student populations in Europe, Manchester University, Manchester Met and Salford University employ a huge number of teaching and support staff. It is worth checking the relevant university websites for the latest job vacancies. A university job can be extremely rewarding. BBC
A Media city in Salford is a new development which promises to bring thousands of new jobs to the city. Look at for the latest opportunities.

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