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Five alternative uses for plastic gloves

Plastic gloves can come in all sizes, shapes and colours. They can also be made from a variety of different materials ranging from nitrile gloves, latex gloves and non latex gloves being just three examples. Gloves like cheap latex gloves generally fall under the disposable plastic gloves banner whereas hardier gloves are made to last. Here are five interesting uses for plastic gloves.

Added warmth in cold conditions

During cold times, even the best of winter gloves might not be doing just quite what you expected of them. Be it from playing out in the snow with children or clearing a pathway, sometimes a little extra warmth feels needed. Slipping on a pair of latex gloves underneath your regular gloves with make a real difference and help to keep your hands that little bit warmer.

Keep your hands clean

When doing something grimy and oily like working on an engine or trying to fix something of a mechanical nature, wearing a pair of plastic gloves will certainly help when it comes to cleaning your hands once you've finished. Not only that, but they will help prevent possibly harmful substances from coming into contact with your skin.

Removing pet fur

Do you have a dog or a cat that seems to want you to know where it has been sitting all the time? By wearing a plastic glove and wetting the palm side slightly, you can pat your furniture and the hairs and fur will stick to the glove. Just rinse under the tap once it's covered, then simply repeat.


Whether you're using abrasive oven cleaner or just trying to unblock a stubborn drain outside, a pair of elbow length plastic gloves will certainly make the job less of a chore. Be it from protecting your skin from corrosive chemicals to stopping unpleasant splashes getting onto you, plastic gloves can save the day here.

Use to open a tight jar lid

How many times have you tried opening a jar only to find that it feels like the lid has been welded tight shut? A pair of rubber gloves can alleviate this problem in no time by helping you get a proper grip on things. If this fails, hold the lid under a warm tap for a minute or so before trying again.

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