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Five famous purple heart recipients

The Purple Heart Medal was created in 1782 by George Washington, the Continental Army’s Commander-in-Chief. At that time, Washington only awarded the Purple Heart, credited as a badge of military merit, to three soldiers of the Revolutionary War. Only when World War I ended, was the awarding of the Purple Heart once again proposed. The Purple Heart badge is received directly from the president.

Criteria for the Purple Heart Award

- The first requirement is that the person must either be wounded or killed while serving the United States. - Second, the person must be in uniform or a part of the military. In the past, civilians who were closely affiliated with the Armed Forces were qualified to receive the Purple Heart. A 1997 ruling, however, officially prohibited civilians from receiving the award.

Where to find lists of Purple Heart recipients

The Internet is filled with websites that bear lists of Purple Heart recipients. You can also create one yourself by looking into US army records and military death records. The most accurate list can be found in the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor in New York. Listed below are five of the most popular recipients of the Purple Heart Medal. 1. Charles Bronson Bronson is one of Hollywood’s greatest action stars, made famous by movies like The Dirty Dozen, Once Upon a Time in the West and the Death Wish franchise. During World War II (WWII), Bronson enlisted as an aerial gunner and was also a crewman for a Guam-based bombardment group in 1945. 2. Rod Serling It would not be a surprise if the Twilight Zone host and creator got his ideas for his show from his own personal experience, having seen a horrific amount of action in the Philippines. Aside from the Purple Heart, he also received a Philippine Liberation Medal and a Bronze Star for his efforts. 3. John F. Kennedy The Purple Heart is one of the various military honours that Kennedy was awarded with when he served in WWII. 4. Kurt Vonnegut Many of the writer’s novels were based on his experiences as a WWII soldier and prisoner of war. One of his most famous works is Slaughterhouse Five, which is the same name of the German prison American prisoners and himself were incarcerated in. He received the Purple Heart shortly after his repatriation in 1945. 5. Oliver Stone The award-winning director saw action in the Vietnam War for 15 months. After his discharge, he received a Purple Heart that was especially adorned with an Oak Leaf Cluster as well as a Bronze Star.

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