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Free English to Spanish translation tools

There are a number of different websites now available to provide free online translating services from pretty much any language into any other language. This article is going to concentrate on free translation websites for English to Spanish and vice versa.

Available websites

Google Translate
The most likely site for people to use to translate from English to Spanish is Google Translate. This is a very easy to use website which provides a clear and concise translation. You also have the opportunity to listen to the words spoken to help you learn the language. There are also various translation tools that can be incorporated into your blog or website. Babelfish
Babelfish is a Yahoo-associated website that provides online Spanish to English translation. It is sometimes not as accurate as the Google Translator, so it is often worth translating back into the original language, just to confirm that you have got the right meaning. Other translator websites
The two sites mentioned above are the most used. However, there are a variety of free web translation services available (which a quick internet search will show).
Once again, some are better than others and it is always a good idea to translate both ways e.g. translate your English phrase into Spanish and then retranslate the Spanish phrase back into English to confirm that you have got the correct meaning. Sometimes, on the poorer websites, this can lead to some pretty funny translations!

Business or other professional translations

Legal or medical documents
While the sites mentioned above are perfect for basic translations of holiday phrases or phrases you may have come across in a novel or other book, they may not be suitable for professional translations.
While it may be tempting to use a free online translation service, you could end up with incorrect and therefore, potentially damaging results. In these cases, you are better off using a proper translation agency and paying for a correct and professional translation of your documents. Final word
Using free services on the internet can be perfect for basic language translations such as holiday phrases, letters to foreign friends or to see what an author has written in a couple of lines in a book. However, it is very important that you use a proper translation service when it comes to legal, medical or other official business documents to ensure that everything is totally correct.

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