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Funny football chants

This article looks at the world of football chants. Supporters have a long history of funny, creative and sometimes tasteless football chants. This article details some of the best ones.


Football fans, while not always known to be the most tolerant or sensitive bunch, have always had a reputation for creative and funny chants. While some of them are not appropriate to reprint here, many of them are very creative. Here are some of the best.

Fair game

Ashley Cole While Ashley Cole was going through his well-publicised divorce from the pop singer Cheryl Cole, many fans couldn’t resist taking a swipe at the Chelsea defender, swapping the lyrics from Cheryl’s hit song “Fight for this Love” to sing “You’ve got to file file, file, file for divorce!” Andy Goram When the former Scottish goalkeeper Andy Goram was diagnosed with schizophrenia, a popular terrace chant made light of his condition: “There’s only two Andy Goram’s, there’s only two Andy Goram’s!
Jamie Carragher’s Even footballers' families are fair game for football fans. When Jamie Carragher’s father was arrested for being drunk at a football ground, he was subsequently banned from all football stadiums in Britain and the terraces sang aloud; “He’s red, He’s sound, He’s banned from every ground, Carra’s dad, Carra’s dad!”

Laugh at their own expense

Alan Shearer Football pundit Alan Shearer had a brief but ultimately unsuccessful spell in charge of Newcastle Utd which saw fans heckling the former England striker with shouts of “You should have stayed on the telly!Football fans It’s refreshing though to see football fans making jokes at their own expense and in the season that saw Newcastle Utd relegated, fans looked on the bright side of life singing; “going down, going down, going down” to which Sunderland fans replied with “so are we, so are we, so are we!” Some fans even make fun of their own players. When Peter Crouch performed his now famous ‘robot’ dance celebration, his own fans took to singing; “he’s tall, he’s mad, he dances like your dad, Peter Crouch!”

A modern classic

A thoroughly modern, classic chant was started by FC United fans and has quickly spread to other supporters in Britain. Seeing two passing police officers, the fans started singing “we paid for your hats, we paid for your hats! What a waste of council tax, we paid for your hats!”

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